5 Key Elements of a Good Health and Safety System

Any good health and safety structure within an organisation will be built on common sense and logic; however, it's even more important to make sure that this covers all of the most important legislation out there regarding health and safety. There are five key elements that come into play when trying to protect yourself, your staff, members of the public and your clients at all times when they are on the premises.

These key factors will help you ensure that things can continue to change and develop over time, and they are:

  • A strong policy that makes sure a specific philosophy is put in place
  • Organisation within each staff grouping for the maximum exposure
  • Planning and implementation that follows smart and dynamic methodologies, built on modern ideas and theories
  • A method of measuring performance that will allow for regular reviews and changes along the way
  • A regular review panel that will help to audit the whole process and keep everything working as imagined

  • Covering these five basics is an absolute must for any good business that is dealing with the key elements of a good health and safety system. Getting there will take a lot of time and experimentation, but the benefits of doing so can make a massive difference later on down the line. This is a document that your business refers to time and time again as the means of improving their structure and their performance levels.

    Therefore, its vital that you can concentrate on all of the above and work with the right people to put it all in place. Monitoring and auditing, especially, are vital. By just implementing any old strategy and leaving it to run in the background means you run the most dangerous risk of all; perceiving positive change when there is none at all. This will make you believe that things are getting better without any actual evidence to back up those theories.

    To improve this, you need to be able to put in the time and the commitment needed to start monitoring and measuring your business in the right way. Does everything in your original plan actually stack up? Was it all fairly implemented? If it wasn't, you need to look at how this can be improved.

    This model creates a package that ensures you fit in with legislation, always have accountability and will see a consistent and steady improvement in performance for many years to come.

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